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Height 7.5"

Circumference 20.5"

Sgraffito perfect design performed in a white clay design

About the artist:

He was born in Mata Ortiz in 1986 and lived all his life there, until he moved to Casas Grandes to attend college where he graduated as an accountant. During his years at his parents side he learned to do pottery. He specialize in sgraffito technic, so he paints the whole white clay surface with a color (red, black, green or blue) and he carves the geometrical design on the surface, circles, squares or triangles all around the surface and then carves birds or fishes in the bottom of the pot. 

Nowadays he works as an accountant in a menonite camp near Nuevo Casas Grandes and works on his spare time as a potter. He made his first attempts when he was 15 years old