Terms of Sale & Delivery

Currency and Payments


  • Pricing and Payments are in U.S. Dollars.
  • All major Credit Cards are accepted and processed on our website utilizing PayPal Pro which is a leading secured ordering and processing system.
  • PayPal Pro securely encrypts all critical information.
  • Galeria de Ollas website is safely encrypted to secure each transaction and communication. Our Website is Premium SSL Certified.

    Shipping & Handling

    • We ship within the U.S. and Canada using USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL or other high quality shippers if deemed necessary. Purchases made through our online Website: www.galeriadeollas.com that are shipped from the Puerto Vallarta Gallery or Atlanta areas to an address within the U.S. are delivered FREE OF CHARGE.
    • SHIPPING OUSIDE OF THE U.S. AND CANADA: Should a pot be shipped from any of our galleries or locations to an address outside the United States or Canada, shipping costs will be added to your purchase. If you want to make a purchase via this Website begin by going to CONTACT US and insert the information needed for us to calculate a delivered price to your destination. The information should include the Destination Address and Postal Code (no Post Office Box deliveries please). Our delivered pricing will not include Customs or Duty charges as those, if relevant, are for the Customer's account and handled locally. The Gallery will provide a delivered price within 24 hours and at that time please accept or reject the transaction. Acceptance will be in the form of your payment in full via PayPal. The shipment will be made within 2 days after payment. Timely payment is important to reduce the likelihood of another customer purchasing that pot via our automated purchase process for the U.S. & Canada. We will email you with an explanation of these costs including any freight surcharges, along with an estimate of how long it will take to arrive at your destination. Depending on the destination, customers, upon notice, may have to contact the freight Agent or Forwarder, local Custom Officials or Duty Personnel. All other TERMS OF SALE apply to International Shipments.
    • The cost of packaging, shipping and insuring will vary with the value of the pot and package size. Internet sales and shipments from Puerto Vallarta, Atlanta, Ga., or Mata Ortiz qualify for free shipping to the U.S. and Canada. Shipments outside of the U.S. and Canada may incur additional costs to cover shipping & surcharges, Customs, duty and insurance. Packaging may include crating at the buyers direction and expense. Again, it is important to note that any additional Customs and duty charges are the Customer’s responsibility. It may be  possible to combine more than one pot in a package to reduce overall cost.
    • Purchases made at our Galeria in Puerto Vallarta will incur freight charges if customers request we ship for them to the U.S. or Canada. We suggest whenever possible that Customers who purchase while at our Gallery in Puerto Vallarta bring the pot home with them on the plane to reduce the risk of breakage by Customs and airline handling.
    • To save on communication cost, it may be possible to utilize Electronic Apps such as WhatsApp or Skype but both parties must have these free services to connect.
    • There have been some questions about possible breakage when shipping from Mexico and U.S./Canadian Custom´s searches. All packages are subject to Custom search.
    • We point to MATA ORTIZ CALENDAR OF EVENTS by Spencer and Emalie MacCallum: Yes, it is possible to safely ship a pot from Mexico. Part of the secret is double-boxing. Another part is not packing the wadding too tightly; the pot and the inner box want to have some give. A physicist once explained the dynamics of breakage. It's not the first hit that breaks something when it falls to the floor; on the first hit, the pot or whatever it is only bounces. It's the vibration that the bounce sets up; in conjunction with the second strike that is the killer. So, to damp all the vibration, we loosely fill the pot itself with the paper wadding or popcorn, and then we pack the wadding lightly enough around the pot and around the inner box that the pot and box can move just a bit. We wrap the pot itself in a plastic bag to protect the painted design or burnished surface from chafing in transit.


    Your privacy is respected during and after visiting Galeria de Ollas´ website. We do not share the information with any third parties. That information includes: your name, address, telephone number and credit card information. Our Gallery personnel use reasonable and accepted precautions to keep your information secure.

    Should you elect to offer your email address for future promotions, etc., it will be used exclusively for that purpose. You may ask us to remove your email address from the Galería de Ollas website at any time and that action is guaranteed.