Warranty & Authenticity

Our Guarantee


  • Our Mata Ortiz pots are individually signed by their artist(s).
  • The pots are pieces of fine art. They are never intended for food or drink usages of any kind. Each pot is a unique decorative ceramic art décor.
  • Each pot is hand crafted, never machine made, and as such, is never perfect which is part of their uniqueness. Each pot is one of a kind.
  • Should the buyer wish to return a pot because of our neglect or omission, we will refund 100% of the purchase price plus return shipping, repacking, insurance when returned via the delivering carrier so long as it is returned in the condition it was shipped. If it arrives at the destination damaged, we require a picture(s) of the damaged pot. Pictures of all pots are taken and maintained prior to their shipment.
  • If a pot is returned for any other reason, a restocking charge of 20% is assessed plus all shipping, repackaging and insurance charges.

Limitation of Warranty and Damages

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