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Height 6"

Circumference 18"

A small piece of art painted with extreme care and grace, line by line and ornated with a cute bird on top.

About the artist:

Graciela and her husband Hector used to be neighbors of Juan Quezada on the 70´s and Hector learned to form and paint pottery from him but soon enough he stopped and his pots stayed on shelves on their home for 3 or 4 years. Then Graciela encouraged him to start again because she had learned how to pot from her friend Olivia Rodriguez. This time they enthusiastically started again and have been doing it since.


Graciela forms the pots with white clay for Hector and their four children: Miriam, Hector, Daniel and Daniela and for her daughter-in-law Laura Bugarini. All of them outstanding ceramists. She works with white clay making very symmetric and thin walled  pots extremely light.


Graciela paints geometrical designs “cuadritos”, tinny squares.