This Pottery has gained appreciation over the past 45 years


Spencer´s sponsorship gave Juan the freedom needed to develop as an artist.

In 1976, Spencer MacCallum, a social anthropologist, found three intriguing unsigned pots in a small store in Deming, New Mexico. He bought them and searched for and found their maker, Juan Quezada, in a little town in the middle of the State of Chihuahua.

Juan was confused when he saw this American on the steps of his home with pictures of his pots. He invited him inside and showed Spencer other pieces that he had done. They were finely crafted, very light weight and painted with intricate thin interlocking designs covered by red and black colors. It was clear that Juan was the same person who had created the 3 pieces Spencer had.

Spencer then realized the importance of supporting this unknown potter and promised to return in 2 months and buy more pieces. This experience started a relationship in which Spencer bought pieces from Juan and other family members who were now learning from him. Spencer´s sponsorship gave Juan the freedom needed to develop as an artist.