Roberto Bañuelos

    Has been creating Ollas for about 20 years. His wife, Angela makes the pot and Roberto paints. They learned the principles of ceramics in 1988 from Angela’s sisters Rosa Irene and Gloria Isela Lopez, both related to Reynaldo Quezada by marriage. Originally he preferred to make black pots, but now the couple works mainly with colored clays. Roberto is one of the first, if not the first, to use the rich red clay from the pass in the Sierra Madre on the way from Mata Ortiz to Agua Prieta.

    Roberto paints in all color combinations using double, triple and four part fields. Mimbres pots have inspired him to produce many designs with animal motifs: rabbits, fish, lizards and fantastical creatures as well as the feather (knife-blade) designs from earlier Mimbres works. He initiated the practice of spattering a background of paint drops across the clay before painting the dominant design elements. Roberto and Angela emphasize innovation and constantly strive to offer new and sensitive Ollas.