Ricardo Delgado

    The Mata Ortiz pottery got enriched by this 43 years old artist who on his late twenties started to carve pots with magnificent bird designs on his clay pieces.

    He learned the skill from famous potter Manolo Rodríguez and he is not afraid to say that he was impelled to do so out of the need to get money to raise his children.

    He is married and has 3 children of  21, 19 and 11 years old. His youngest son is the one who is interested in learning to do pottery.

    His wife, Lorena,  uses a sharped saw to carve the designs which usually are beautiful birds of different kinds in their own environment, that is surrounded by leaves and tree branches.  Every detail of the feathers, and nature are beautifully drawn getting  magnificent and elegant pieces. He also draws and carves other animals like iguanas with splendid detail.

    His wife helps him paint the designs that later are carved by Ricardo with thin and perfect lines.