Laura Bugarini

    Laura began to stand out as an extraordinary artist since she was 15 years old. Her exquisite pieces painted and carved with very small designs project her strong will to go further every time. Usually her pieces are miniatures made with creamy color clay with intricate designs.

    Laura has won many prices among them first prices in different categories each year since 2006 in the Mata Ortiz Annual Contest. This year she won the “Premio Nacional de la Ceramica” Award (National Ceramic Prize) held every year in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco and received her prize from the President of Mexico.

    She travels to the United States very often and has exhibited in museums like the Museum of Man in San Diego, Museum of Berkley in California and many important fairs and galleries in United States, Mexico and France.

    She won the 2013 National Ceramics Prize of Mexico.