Jesus, Martin & Eduardo Olivas

    These three brothers are known for their white or red clay pieces carved in an expertise way. Jesus and Martin are in their thirties and Eduardo in his twenties. 

    Jesus learned from their uncle Eduardo Quintana (who already died). He paints red and black abstract drawings that will serve as the background of the design and on top of it he carves animals (usually lizards, birds or fishes) all interlocked and ornaments them with greeks and geometrical forms. He does not leave blank spaces. The result is a perfect piece.

    Martin does deeper carving than his brothers.  The pot is usually formed on an egg shape or vase with mouth. He also carves animals usually birds or reptiles with a lot of perfection on the forms.

    Eduardo, the youngest, remembers to have started when he was 15 years old and he likes to carve snakes that crawl around the pot in a very elegant way or hummingbirds all over the pot.